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Homeschoolers like you use My School Files to track their student's progress and we automatically build a professional portfolio that can be securely shared with family, friends, and evaluators and downloaded as a PDF.

My School Files

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Ditch the Clutter and Chaos...

My School Files
  • Many states require you to keep years of paperwork.
  • This creates a lot of clutter, confusion, and disorganization.
  • It can be hard to keep all this organized and easily retrievable.
  • As homeschoolers, we'd rather be teaching our children than worrying about all this.

...for something way BETTER!

With My School Files

  • Capture school items and upload pictures of what you did.
  • Add school days, co-ops, and field trips to the calendar.
  • And that's it! We organize it and automatically generate a beautiful and professional portfolio for you.
My School Files
My School Files

Share your Student's Portfolio

  • Securely share with family, friends, and evaluators.
  • Live Portfolio - Once you generate a share link, it will always be up to date with any changes you make.
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My School Files

Download a PDF of your student's portfolio

Generate a hard copy of your student's portfolio with the tap of a button.

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My School Files

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