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My School Files

Login and Set your Current School Year

  • Impacts how we count school days, field trips, and co-ops.
  • Your school year start date determines what will be included when you share a portfolio for a given school year.
  • Student school items always belong to a single school year.
  • You can modify your school year at any time in "Settings"
My School Files

Add your Students

  • To finish then initial setup add at least one student.
  • Don't worry, you can add more students later at any time.
My School Files

Assistant - Here to Help

  • When you use the app for the first time, we share tips and tricks on how to best use and maximize all the features of My School Files.
  • As you use the app we explain what things do and how to best organize your portfolio.
  • These tips can be found right below different components.
  • You can turn off the assistant at any time.
My School Files


  • See an overview of what you have done for the week and school year.
  • Quickly add what your agenda is for today.
  • Shortcuts to add school items for your students.
  • Share a portfolio with family, friends, and evaluators.
My School Files


  • Keep track of your school days, field trips, and co-ops.
  • Tap on any day and add your agenda.
  • Each student has their own calendar.
My School Files

School Items

  • Showcase your student's work through out the year.
  • Organize all of your student's school items securely in the cloud with Categories
  • Take pictures, add photos, link YouTube videos or websites: whatever you like.
My School Files

Adding School Items

  • Pick your students and school year and give it a name.
  • You can add a more detailed description or add some categories.
  • Upload photos or take pictures, link websites and videos.
My School Files


  • Keep everything organized and neat by creating an unlimited amount of your own categories.
  • Each school item can belong to as many categories as you like.
  • Items that don't have a category automatically go under Uncategorized.
My School Files

All Your School Items Across All Years

  • Easily find your school items across multiple years.
  • View everything or only those in a specific category.
  • Edit or delete existing school items.
My School Files

Share your Student's Portfolio

  • Securely share with family, friends, and evaluators.
  • Live Portfolio - Once you generate a share link, it will always be up to date with any changes you make.
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My School Files

Download a PDF of your student's portfolio

Generate a hard copy of your student's portfolio with the tap of a button.

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My School Files

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